Interview with Tanya Calamoneri

Professor Calamoneri is the first full-time faculty in dance at Colgate. In these two vidoes, she talks about dance and cultural diplomacy, and dance and academics.


So What Does Dance Have To Do With Harvard Law?

Why dance if you can’t be a dancer? I’d like you to meet Chloe Holt.


Holt is a law school-bound dancer who graduated with a double major in English and Spanish from Colgate in 2014. Throughout her time at Colgate, she danced and led the Colgate Ballet Company and co-founded and was president of the Colgate Dance Initiative. A member of Phi Beta Kappa and an Alumni Memorial Scholar, Holt conducted research entitled “A Dance of Two Cities,” which took her to Paris, France and London, England.

So, what?

Holt bridged the gap between dance and studies (a gap that should not even exist). She brought her passion for dance together with her studies and took the skills and perspectives she gained through dance to the next step. She said “I have danced almost my entire life, however, with no intention of becoming a dancer, and have found dance to be extremely important to my academic success.”

So what’s next?

This fall, she will be starting the next phase of her life at Harvard Law School. She was inspired by something she was committed to: “I never thought of myself as an advocate, but with the Dance Initiative I found myself tied to a cause that I was passionate about and willing to work so that others might become passionate, too.”

Chloe Holt continued to take her dance experiences to new places, including essays for law school.  Although  she said “writing about dance for my law school personal statement, to many, might not have seemed like the most logical decision, but for me it absolutely was.”

She contined: “Up to this point, dance has always been a means for me to be involved in my community, explore the world, and pursue new interests, but going to law school will give me a new perspective and a new voice to add on to that. Writing about dance seemed like the best way to explain my experiences, show my desire to have an impact and prove that I’m willing to work hard throughout law school and my career.”

Holt teaches us that dance can take us places. Even if we do not intend to continue dance in a professional performance setting, it develops passions and skills that reach beyond the studio. And even if you’re not a dancer, pursue something your passionate about, for it can take you to remarkable places.

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